CityJSON utilities

We wrote some pieces of script and software, to test CityJSON. These are to use with cautious, and should be considered early alpha.

They demonstate how to read and write CityJSON with Python, Ruby and C++.

We have currently the following:

  • cjvalschema : to validate a file against the CityJSON schema, and more checks are done.
  • cjcompress : implements the compression in the specifications and allows to remove unused vertices(CityJSON specifications)
  • cjinfo : displays some general information a CityJSON file; useful to learn how to parse a CityJSON file.
  • cityjson2obj : converts a CityJSON to an OBJ file (textures/materials are ignored in the C++, considered in the Python script)

Software supporting CityJSON

  • citygml4j: The open-source Java API for CityGML, allows us to convert back and forth between CityJSON and CityGML. (the branch ‘json’ is in beta and supports v0.5)
  • 3dfier: ‘3dfication’ of 2D GIS datasets (the branch ‘cityjson-output’ outputs CityJSON)
  • azul: beta support for CityJSON
  • val3dity: validation of the geometric 3D primitives (everything is supported in master branch); the web-application also fully CityJSON input)